OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough the families of both my parents originally came from the New Forest, I was born in my maternal grandmother’s house in Southampton. My mother died soon after giving birth to me and her parents looked after me until I was four years old, when my father married a young woman from the Isle of Wight. He took me to live with him and his new wife in a village just across the River Test from the Forest.

  After ten years, my stepmother persuaded my father to move to the Island where they bought a small guesthouse in Seaview, a pleasant seaside resort a few miles east of Ryde.




Perhaps the fictional village of Seastone, where much of the action in my novel, Final Reckoning, takes place, is not much different from Seaview in a parallel universe.

  Nowadays I live in the New Forest with my lovely and talented wife, Beryl, and we are New Forest Commoners, which means we have the right to run cattle, ponies, or donkeys out on the open Forest. For us though, Commoning is just a hobby and we have only four ponies, two of them actually still out on the forest, the others snug in stables on our holding.


  For a good many years I worked in IT until it became too boring, and after Beryl had trained as a potter we set up a little studio pottery which we ran for several years. That was fun and still is, so from time to time we are prompted to make something or other.

  I write, too, mostly fiction but when something happens that I like (or dislike), I make the odd comment. Or two.

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