Final Reckoning

Former SAS soldier Greg gets a call from his past.     Isle of Wight police want to talk to him about a human skeleton found during extensions to Seastone marina. After Greg contacts them they lose interest, but retired DCI Ray Tindall is convinced there’s a connection with ‘The Vanderling Associates’, a criminal gang he pursued unsuccessfully throughout his career.

Final Reckoning Aug 18


Despite the risk of exposing another skeleton – the one in his own cupboard – Greg allows himself to be dragged into the ex-DCI’s investigation, and finds all his old skills returning as he uncovers evidence of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, money-laundering and murder, before a long overdue final reckoning with his old enemy, Sir Robert Clarmont Brown.



Tinkers Creek

Tinkers Creek Final Cover Sep 27“Shoot him, knife him, string him up, burn him out, it doesn’t matter! Just get him out the way.”

Leo Marburg would trick and cheat and kill without hesitation to possess the entire valley. But Sten Petersen wouldn’t budge.

The letter, addressed “Judd Petersen, Lawman, Kansas”, brought news that Sten had been shot in the back at the family homestead in the Rockies, and nothing was being done to find his killer. It was signed “Fran Healey”. Judd remembered her from ten years back as just a pig-tailed kid in bib-overalls.

The local sheriff had his hands full chasing the rustlers hitting all the neighbouring ranches, and the feud between the settlers’ cooperative and the big ranchers, wasn’t helping matters either.

But Judd and Fran were prepared to fight, kill or be killed, for the Petersen homestead on Tinkers Creek.



The Astro File   

What can Lucky’s new project be about?


This is the question that troubles betting shop manager Daphne when everything his new system predicts seems to be coming true.

And why did he need to borrow money from her to test it?

She really didn’t want to think badly of him because she knew he was basically very nice as well as good-looking and very clever.

Perhaps the files which came with the old computer really did contain information that could help forecast the future…


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